Charming and distinctive places to stay
in the spectacular hilltop town of Orvieto
and the enchanting countryside beyond

Explore Orvieto - An Insider's take on Orvieto ... enjoy our American friend Laurie's blog about life in this stunning City, seat of the International Citta Slow movement

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When time is precious . . . vacations must be special.

Unspoilt Umbria was founded to offer a self catering holiday experience both unique and individually tailored. Our portfolio of privately-owned vacation homes include quaint and characteristic apartments in Orvieto’s historic center, traditional village houses and luxury countryside villas with pools. Each one is personally selected by Bruce and Mandy Bell, owners of Unspoilt Umbria, and offer an evocative mix of history and character complemented by a high level of finish and furnishings. They are well-maintained, impressively equipped and scrupulously clean.

Orvieto is an exciting food destination, the first city of the now Italy-wide Slow Food movement. The emphasis is on the pleasure of utilizing the highest quality locally sourced ingredients cooked to perfection and accompanied by excellent local wines of which Orvieto has more than a few.

Production methods have been refined and perfected by generations of artisans. Here provenance matters and seasonal eating is not only a delight but makes real sense. Orvieto could not be better placed as a location in which to enjoy a part of Umbria that is almost embarrassingly rich in art, history, culture, landscape and nature.

Come with us on a journey and experience the scenery, scents and flavors of a hidden land – Unspoilt Umbria, pure rural escapism.

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